On December 29th, 1806 seventeen men and women began meeting to organize the first church in Pittstown with assistance from Rev. Aaron Collins.  This church would be called the Second Congregational Church of Pittstown.  Following the Revolutionary War the area near Hemlock Lake was known as Pittstown.   Less than thirty years before 1806, this entire area was under the complete domination of the Seneca Indians.

In 1813, the Ontario Association of Congregational Churches was dissolved and we became associated with the Ontario Presbytery.  

By 1814, the church had grown to thirty-five members and decided it was time to build a permanent sanctuary.  Orange Woodruff donated the land for a "green" and "meeting house" and was placed southwest of the present building, just across from the store.  The building cost over $3,000 and was financed by selling stock and later by auctioning the pews.  The green was used for general military training.

In 1828, two stoves were installed in the church despite much opposition lest they cause the loss of the building by fire.  On December 19, 1832 the church was completely destroyed by fire started not from the stoves inside but from embers from a store across the way.

In a little over a year, a new and more comfortable church was built and dedicated on February 13th, 1834.  The builder was Moses Fellows, a local carpenter and was dedicated free of debt.  In the next six or seven years, about a hundred people joined the church.

Over the years, our church has had a history of the pulpit being supplied by student pastors.

We have celebrated several church anniversaries - in 1906, a centennial; in 1956, a sesquicentennial; and in 2006 our bicentannial.

Several major building projects have occurred over the last few years:  1992 our steeple was painted and repaired; 1999 a new Fellowship Hall addition was completed; in 2011 our dug basement was replaced with a full basement and sill plates; in 2018 Fellowship Hall's roof was replaced,the steeple was painted and the front steps were replaced, in 2021 the church is re-sided and gutters are replaced.